Published on 12/27/2017 8:22 am
Most Common Ignition Switch Problems & How A Locksmith Can Help

While the ignition switch provides some really convenient features to the car users, that does not mean they are free of problems. Being a leading automotive locksmith service in Baltimore, we want to guide you on what are some of the most common car ignition issues and how to resolve them.

Manufacturing defect: One of the most common reasons why ignition fails is because of a manufacturing defect. This is where a reliable automotive locksmith service in Baltimore can help by using their years of experience and tools.


Nissan Sentra, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet Cavalier and Ford Focus are some of the vehicle models that come with factory related ignition problems.

Attempted automobile theft: Quite often when a thief tries to steal a car he isn’t well acquainted with the ignition of a vehicle lock and the result is generally a mess with the ignition switch & steering column in pieces. The best action to take in this case is replacing the entire ignition unit.

Incorrect key incorporated in the key way: If you’ve inserted a wrong key into the ignition switch, don’t attempt to take off it. Trying to pull out the key can prompt more damage to the ignition & may cause a permanent dent. Call an automotive locksmith service for help!


Weary or jammed wafers: Every key ignition feature a set of wafers that index with the matching cuts on the key. With continuous use, these parts may become worn out & cause the ignition to malfunction. Most of the time, the switch can be fixed without costly replacement. And a trained locksmith can help you in doing so!

Worn out key: Keys don’t tolerate wear & tear as efficiently as the rest of your car; when your keys are out of shapethey’ll work less effectively & eventually stop functioning. In this scenario the key need to be remade employing the factory key-cutting codes, to make sure the key is properly cut & functional.

The Key kept broken inside the lock: Call a professional locksmith in your area instantly instead of attempting to pull out the foreign object on your own. This can make further damage to your ignition switch. Quite often the foreign object or key can be extracted without the requirement of an ignition switch replacement.


For any type of automotive or car lockout solution in Baltimore, feel free to call 24/7 MD Locksmith Services. We have the tools and experience to solve lock problems for any type of car. We also offer full ignition services; hence can get back you on the road when your ignition switch seems to be the culprit. For any help, don’t hesitate to dial us on 800-474-2450!

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